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Pictures at Santa Monica

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Vihan’s Dream

Tonight I woke up In my son’s dream
My nose was running, but I felt clean

Roof of sky and hugs of kin
Bears to play and dolphins to swim

Eyes were bright, no clouds of grim
Future was flowing in bubbly stream

Faces were full of smiles and grin
Locked were steps and up was chin

Had heart of gold, no strains of mean
No hurry to win and no rush to sin

Everything was perfect, everything was sane
There was yang in balance with yin

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Tilicum Village

Today we went to Tilicum village on Blake island. It is about an hour boat ride from  Seattle. On the island there is big house where they serve Salmon and have a show with Indian dance.

tilicum village 003 tilicum village 040 tilicum village 042 tilicum village 050 tilicum village 061 tilicum village 069 tilicum village 072

While coming back it was pretty dark so when I increased the shutter time and since boat was rocking, I got some interesting pictures. I liked seeing at them since they look like some paintings 🙂

 tilicum village 107 tilicum village 116 tilicum village 147 tilicum village 153 tilicum village 156

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River of No Reprieve

I found this book (River of No Reprieve: Descending Siberia’s Waterway of Exile, Death, and Destiny) last week in library about Jeffrey Tayler‘s travel down the Lena river in Siberia. It caught my eyes because I know so little about that part of the world (not that I know so much more about other parts but you know what I mean :)). Everything I had ever read about Siberia was in negative connotations about getting exiled and gulags etc. It is a great book about a very interesting travel in the remote part of the world. I am about half way through this book but what is interesting is it gives glimpses of Russian history through the conversations he had with people. They talk about Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Stalin, Gorbachev and Putin. I think this is one of the most fascinating country of extreme weathers that has seen extreme changes politically, socially and economically. Traveling along Lena, we meet people who have wide variety of views where people think Gorbachev brought drastic changes too fast and people who think that Stalinist era was good in terms of stability and structure it provided. They talk about Putin and Bush, they talk about Cossacks and Czars. It is a great book as it shows unseen Russia through eyes of common people.