What’s up with the weather?

Yesterday, I saw a documentary from Frontline/Nova called What’s up with the weather?. I hate to admit but I have not seen An Inconvenient Truth yet.  I have heard lot of good things about it but have not yet seen it. I was having conversation with my friend Oliver where he was telling me story about his neighbor, who works in the fossil fuel industry. Oliver told me that the guy essentially discarded the whole film as a figment of imagination.

I think this documentary by Frontline/Nova is created before Al Gore’s film but the message seemed to be the same. It started with making clear distinction between Weather (short Term/Regional) and Climate (long term/global). It clarified that they are mainly talking about Climate which has nothing to do with hot summer that one region has. In a typical Frontline fashion, they showed the both sides of the story. It was interesting to see the same response from the people have vested interest in usage of fossil fuel such as Coal/Petroleum etc. Many people who are called “Greenhouse Skeptics” basically said…

  • Increasing CO2 levels is good for atmosphere because it helps photo synthesis and this earth will be greener
  • Since model created by different scientists differ on the actual effect of the increased level of CO2, we should just discard all those models.

I finished the documentary with this impression…

  • There is a relationship between human fuel consumption and the green house effect.
  • It is not true that increased CO2 level will just make earth greener even though and CO2 will not stay in the atmosphere. Even though initial experiments show that Trees grow faster with increased level of CO2, this CO2 will eventually released back in the atmosphere when trees follow normal lifecycle of death & decay
  • It is true that there is no exact model to describe the effects here. Considering amount if interrelated factors involved in this problem, this probably is one of the most difficult problems human kinds is trying to solve. But this does not mean we should discard  results.
  • Not only different models have different temperature raise as the final outcome,  but they also don’t exactly know what will happen because temperature increased.
  • Worst of all, Even though there are technologies in the run for being substitution for current energy sources, none of them is practical.  It talked about cost of producing solar energy/wind energy and it not being reliable, it talked about the fact that 10% of the earth’s surface will need to be covered in wheat to manufacture enough alcohol for sustaining energy demands or conventional nuclear reactors will be done with nuclear fuels in another decade or so if they try to support 100% of the demand. One of the MIT professor rightfully said that is is not bad that we have a problem but it is bad that there not much research happening in coming up with alternative ways. Other person showed an interesting perspective by saying “hey 100 years ago, science would not predicted what happened in this century, maybe there will be some great solution to this problem too”.

Anyway, it is a great documentary. I am looking forward to finding time to see An Inconvenient Truth, hopefully I will understand it more because of this film.


Merchants of Cool

This weekend I watched bunch of documentaries. One of them was the Merchants of Cool and other one was The Persuaders. Both of them talked about world of advertizing. First one was more about advertizing targetted toward 150 billion dollars of spending powers that teens have. Other one was about general Advertizing. off course it talked about morality of advertizing and if it is right to influence people’s mind. It also talked about general trend of advertizing where it used to about tangible attributes of good that they were trying to sell to more intangible stuff that now it relates to such as Song airline marketing for life style or ipod etc. It definitly makes you think how much input we are getting through these advertizement that we may not even consciously recognize.

After watching them back to back, I feel as if I get mentally violated everyday by these advertizements without even knowing it.


Class Divided

Just watched a old Frontline episode “Class Divided“. Amazing story. Teacher Jane Elliot in Riceville, Iowa started a experiment to teach her 3rd standard student on racial descrimination. After Martin Luther King assansination in 1968, She divided her class in “Blue Eyed” and “Brown Eyed”. On the first day, she told them Blue eyed people are superior to brown eyed people and it was amazing how sweet and innocent┬ákids turned into “brown eyed hating” kids. It makes me wonder if HATE is comes just as natually to us as LOVE.

Next day she turned the tables and made Brown eyed kids better. She gave preferential treatment to group of students just for one day and she saw improvement in scores for the people who were told to be superior and other way around. Now if one day can have this impact then, just imagine how much impact will it have if you multiple that with centuries of descrimination.

I loved the film. Great teacher!

Books, Movies, Quotes

Furniture Rearrangement

Was busy last few days with lot of things happening at work. Today is Sunday and spend first half at work. Worked on my review as well some code samples but after that came home. Radha had cooked great lunch with “Khima” and “Fish Cutlets”. Loved it! After lunch, watched a movie called “Calendar girl” it is like Full Monty but with girls. Radha slept 15 minutes in the movie but i watched it (as usual). It was OK ­čÖé I thought full monty was funnier. After the movie, spent time on net searching and reading about ancient India. Chandragupta Maurya and Alexander the Great. I have decided to spend next few months reading books on this subject. This started with me just spotting a book on Alexander the Great on KCLS shelve that apparently has been used by Oliver Stone for his movie. Started reading this book and it is fascinating to read about the best general this world has seen. Two things to remember story about Roman Emperor who said I wanted to see Kings not Corpses when he was asked if he wanted to see Ptoelemy’s sarcophagus after seeing Alexander’s in Rome. Other one happened after Persian king “Darious III” offered Alexander a truse in which he would get land till Euphrates and Parmenion (One of the generals of alexander) said “If I were Alexander, I would accept this and win the war without any more bloodshed”. “So would I” replied Alexander “If i were Parmenion”. Looking forward to read when Alexander crosses Indus (BTW is Indus same as Sindhu?) I am not sure. need to find out! Got up in the evening and then started working on rearrangement of furniture in the bed room. Now crib is closer to bed, lets see how that feels ­čÖé



Few days ago, I got an email from Prashantdada about “Black”. According to him, this was one of the best movie he saw and especially the performance by Amithabh was fantastic. I had heard about this Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie but when I watched it yesterday, I was blown away by the film. Not only the subject was great for the movie but the handling, camera, actors, dialogs, light, everything was just great. NO SONGS, I think directory made the right choice by not having a single song. It takes lot of guts to make a bollywood movie without a song. I think the character that Amithabh has played (Debraj Sahai), is one of the best character ever on the Hindi screen. It is just sounds to real but yet unreal. Big B has played this eccentric teacher who is passionate about his work. It is great. The performance by Rani mukharji and the “Kid” (I forgot her name) is amazing too. it makes you sad, smile, cry.