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Vihan’s Dream

Tonight I woke up In my son’s dream
My nose was running, but I felt clean

Roof of sky and hugs of kin
Bears to play and dolphins to swim

Eyes were bright, no clouds of grim
Future was flowing in bubbly stream

Faces were full of smiles and grin
Locked were steps and up was chin

Had heart of gold, no strains of mean
No hurry to win and no rush to sin

Everything was perfect, everything was sane
There was yang in balance with yin


Boy in Kabul

Democracy sleeps cozy
in an Ignorant Veil
Liberty burps CRUDE
while polishing her nail

Terror roams free
keeping freedom in jail
Boy in kabul wakes up
to an artillary bell

Day starts with fire
and ends with shell
In between the rubble
lost is school trail

Remembers his mother
her warm loving smell
Remembers the bullet
how down she fell

He held her in arms
as her face went pale
Saw his own childhood
breathe last exhale

Conqueres to liberator
all have tall tale
Nothing is left here
but a soul for sale

Dreams die everyday
blood goes stale
Great game of power
so heaven goes to hell



Poem is for about page of the blog written about growing up with kids…

They’re footprints of memory
or maybe just pieces of life

An attempt to catch mercury
with fingers and all the might

An essence of a fragrance
caught in bottle of byte

Few, what we taught them
many, where they are right

Finger of their childhood
that I want to hold tight

Something I want to cherish
for when the end in sight


Walk Of Life

Let me show you the walk of life
I will teach you a song of mine

Don’t be afraid to dream away
Even when your skies are gray

Never pursue those chains of gold
What’s worse than soul that’s sold

Don’t let glitter blur your sight
Don’t trade, what’s wrong for right

I will give you my golden wing
You’ll find your own song to sing

If you fail, you clean your slate
Never alone, cause I’m your mate.



Walking up the hill
watching the sun rise
say to me I am a dreamer

cloudy rainy sky
Big raindrops
say to me I am a dreamer
hearing my sweetheart
kissing her light
whisper I am a dreamer

shadows in the dark
rhythm of my heart
tell me, I am a dreamer

simple little laugh
slap on my back
I am a dreamer

waves splashing water
ringing soft guitar
sing to me, I am a dreamer



deserted beaches & long trail of feet
Lost people with no signs on street
Dying lovers & closing doors
smiling faces hiding dry tears
cunning smiles & ugly games
mountain of feeling with burning flames
rustling leaves & burning sun
innocent blood on crazy gun
cruel hearts, lips so kind
helpless souls in prison of mind
mocking faces & stabbing pain
travelling alone down the memory lane


No Title

flowing river
touching my soul,
blooming  flowers
are– the pearl
once in a while
look in the mirror
touch the God
U, myself, and me.
Strings of guitar,
Ring in my heart
word running by
hear me —-
feels so
up in the clouds
like moths around
or drop of light