Random Thoughts

Parenting by Luck

Today I came to work early in the morning, I got into elevator in the basement and pressed 2. When the door opened, I saw a kid about 6 years old standing right in the middle of the door. His sister (I presume) standing on one side of the door and his father (I presume) standing on the other side of the door. As Kid was looking up to me as I almost ran over him, I heard this father say “See I told you, you should stand in the middle, there might be people coming out!” I thought it was funny because it seemed like father was trying to make his point in vain by just logically arguing about it. My coming there at that exact point, made it just all easy for the father. It makes me wonder, how much of what Parent try to teach, depends on luck. There are millions of other factors that might affect the outcome of any advice given to them and everytime guy wont come out of elevator proving your point. Tough job!


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