Mistaken Identity

I went to get emission test done for my car couple of days ago and it failed. So I had to go and get it repaired. I went to Overlake Goodyear since that was one of the recommended places that was closes to my office. I dropped the car in the morning and went there to pick it up. I was told that it would probably cost me at around 300$. But when I went there the guy at the counter had 3 page long print out for me and he went over everything that was wrong with car. Basically he was saying, my car was not looked after properly and it would cost me around 5000$ to fix it. I was shocked since i have not missed a single servicing appointment for my car and it could only mean servicing center has not done anything that they have claimed over the years. But then it clicked me looking at the key that he gave me and i realized it was not my car. What a relief!!! 🙂

They I had to wait another 30 minutes where the guy undid all the transactions. I don’t understand why it would take single swipe of the card to charge the money but would take 30 minutes of rigorous typing and clicking to undo the charge. 🙂 Anyway the owner of the other car showed up and guy at the counter explained to him the mix up. Then he turns around and says to me (in front of the owner) “You must have thought you got the really bad car”.


Aral Sea (4th largest to 8th Largest)

In “A. A. Gill is Away”. I have been reading about Aral sea. It just astonishes me of what a destructive species humans are. There is lot of debate going on in India about Narmada dam but it is more from human relocation perspective than from ecology perspective. Aral sea was supposed to be 4th largest inland water body in the world. They have lost more than 80% of the water. Gill also talks about level of salt being high up.

After reading about it, I was trying to read more details on Internet and I found this interesting article.