A A Gill is Away….well he should stay away more!

Just started reading A A Gill is Away by A. A. Gill. I don’t know why I picked up this book. I guess partly because i liked the plain black cover and partly because name sounded Punjabi. Anyway I did not know who he was 🙂 and as I am going through first 100 pages. So far I LOVED this guy. It is been ages since i have read something like travel stories book. But this is fantastically written, smart, witty, sarcastic and relevant book. Apart of tonnes of things i did not know such as information about Ethiopian monarch Haile Selassie , it just fun book to read in terms of small observations that he makes.

E.g. He talks about how aid worker in Africa talks about famine and how he tells Gill that it is a famine yet but a sort of prelude to famine, if the condition continues it for another year then it can be called a famine. After saying “People were still dying of hunger” it was interesting that he said “Famine was a technical term for the professional aid worker”. Honestly I am in a no position to make that judgment about people because I lead a pretty selfish life but what struck me is people get desensitized so often and so fast. 🙂 I talked to couple of my doctor friends and they talk about diseases like that, or I talk to my mom, who is a teacher and she talks about exams and results. There are things that you see everyday and you start seeing them in very different way then rest of world does. I guess using lot of acronym in describing software is kind similar to that. I just thought that it was very perceptive of him to make the observation.

Anyway…I have not finished yet and hopefully it will lot more fun. Especially because I know there is a part about India. Anyway he is one of the best authors I have read in recent years. A. A. Gill is still away…I will come back later.


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