Books, Quotes


I have been listening to a book on CD for last 15 days. The name is “Worse than Watergate”. This talks mainly about bush presidency and compares various aspects of it against the one of Nixon administration. The person who wrote this was an advisor to President Nixon.
It is a great book and definitely lot of information than what i could register while i was driving back and forth between office for last 15 days. I think the most important thing that sets this book apart (in my opinion)  from lots of other books on either same or similar subjects is that instead of making just accusations that sounds like propaganda, this book actually sites examples that proves the point. One thing surprises.
One interesting quote from the book is…
When Government fears the people, there is liberty and when people fear the government, there is tyranny“. This was by Thomas Jefferson. I thought this was a great way to put the spirit of democracy. There was one more quote from one of the judges of US Circuit courts “Democracy die behind the closed doors That immediately resonates with the spirit of freedom of speech. I remember having discussion about scandal in India where news channel ran the story of person (allegedly Kareena Kapoor kissing her boyfriend Shahid Kapoor). When that happened dada and I had discussion if the media should be allowed to do that. I thought thought it was a bad story to run, there should not be law against that since who makes the judgement of bad/good story. There is definitely difference between morality and legality
next book i am reading is “Alexander, the ambiguity of Greatness”

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