Few days ago, I got an email from Prashantdada about “Black”. According to him, this was one of the best movie he saw and especially the performance by Amithabh was fantastic. I had heard about this Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie but when I watched it yesterday, I was blown away by the film. Not only the subject was great for the movie but the handling, camera, actors, dialogs, light, everything was just great. NO SONGS, I think directory made the right choice by not having a single song. It takes lot of guts to make a bollywood movie without a song. I think the character that Amithabh has played (Debraj Sahai), is one of the best character ever on the Hindi screen. It is just sounds to real but yet unreal. Big B has played this eccentric teacher who is passionate about his work. It is great. The performance by Rani mukharji and the “Kid” (I forgot her name) is amazing too. it makes you sad, smile, cry.


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